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If for any reason your dentures start giving you trouble or become worn down over time, Patrick Allen, LD provides denture rebasing, a restorative service to ensure that your dentures fit as comfortably as possible. If you live in or near Bangor, Maine, call Central Maine Denture or request a consultation online today.

Denture Rebases Q & A

What is a denture rebase?

A denture rebase is similar to relining your dentures. However, a rebase specifically replaces the pink-acrylic base material of your dentures rather than just the lining. Patrick Allen does this procedure without having to replace your denture teeth.

Patrick often recommends this process when the teeth of your denture are still in good health but your base is ill-fitting. Your teeth remain in place while he replaces the acrylic base, providing you with a new stable denture. This procedure helps to improve the fit of the dental appliance to your mouth tissues.

What should you expect with the denture rebase process?

In order to rebase your denture, Patrick first takes a new impression of the inside of your denture. He then removes the old acrylic base and places the new one around the existing teeth. This process can be more time-consuming than a tissue surface reline, as the entire denture base is removed and replaced.

Why might I need a denture rebase?

A rebase can resolve many denture issues. It’s particularly helpful if:

  • Your denture is broken or damaged
  • The denture base is weak or old
  • An immediate denture is ready to have soft relines replaced
  • The comfort or fit of your denture isn’t as good as it used to be

In some cases, a denture rebase can even transform an immediate denture into a more permanent appliance.

Proper care and good oral hygiene are essential to maintaining the condition of your dental appliance. With effective repairs, like a rebase or a reline, your dentures can last much longer without having to completely replace them.

Because your jawbone and gums continue to shrink as time goes on, you’ll usually need a denture rebase every 3-5 years to extend the lifespan of your replacement teeth and ensure that they feel and function as they should. Lower dentures tend to need rebasing more frequently than upper dentures.

If you think your dentures might be in need of a little TLC, Patrick Allen can help. Call Central Maine Denture today or request an appointment online.