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Do you cover your teeth when you laugh because you’re embarrassed by the gaps in your smile? Patrick Allen, LD at Central Maine Denture offers implant dentures to help restore missing teeth, and boost your confidence in the process. If you live in or around Bangor, Maine, call Central Maine Denture today to request an appointment.

Implant Dentures Q & A

What are implant dentures?

Implant dentures, also known as implant-supported dentures, are a type of overdenture supported by and attached to implants.

A regular denture differs in the sense that it’s not anchored to implants but rests on your gums. Patrick Allen recommends implant dentures if you’re missing all or most of your teeth and have an adequate amount of jawbone to support the implants.

How are implant dentures placed?

Implant dentures are a carefully planned procedure involving Patrick Allen, LD and a dentist who surgically places the dental implants.

Implants are usually placed in two stages:

Stage 1

Patrick will refer you to a qualified dentist who will surgically place the titanium dental implant into your jawbone. While your tissues heal, the implant becomes fused with your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. This is one of the reasons implant-supported dentures offer such a high degree of stability.

Stage 2

After approximately four months, once your jaw has had a chance to heal, the dentist performs another surgery to uncover the implant and place a small connecting piece, called an abutment, that the denture will “snap” onto.

Once the implant process has been completed by the dentist, Patrick can fit your existing denture to the abutment. In some situations, replacement dentures are recommended.

What are the benefits of implant dentures?

Because implant dentures snap on to posts surgically implanted in your jaw, they offer significantly more stability than conventional dentures. Their design also provides a higher degree of functionality, preventing your dentures from slipping when you talk and eat.

How should you care for implant dentures?

You should remove your denture implants daily in order to clean them, and to clean your gums. It’s also important to have your implants cleaned by a dentist or hygienist once or twice a year.

If you think implant dentures might be a solution for you, call Central Maine Denture today or schedule an appointment online.